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SiBil 54

Bilingual Cognition and Language: The state of the science across its subfields

Edited by David Miller, Fatih Bayram, Jason Rothman and Ludovica Serratrice
March 2018. vi, 403 pp.
This collection brings together leading names in the field of bilingualism research to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Studies in Bilingualism series.
LL&LT 48

Complexity Theory and Language Development: In celebration of Diane Larsen-Freeman

Edited by Lourdes Ortega and ZhaoHong Han
November 2017. xv, 234 pp.
This volume is both a state-of-the-art display of current thinking on second language development as a complex system and a tribute to Diane Larsen-Freeman for her decades of intellectual leadership in the academic disciplines of applied linguistics and second language acquisition.

Cultural Linguistics: Cultural conceptualisations and language

Farzad Sharifian
November 2017. xvii, 171 pp.
This ground-breaking book marks a milestone in the history of the newly developed field of Cultural Linguistics, a multidisciplinary area of research that explores the relationship between language and cultural conceptualisations.
Z 216

A Linguistic Handbook of French for Translators and Language Students

Paul Boucher
Expected April 2018. xiv, 297 pp.
A Linguistic Handbook of French for Translators and Language Students offers the reader an in-depth contrastive study of French and English based on recent theories of linguistics and discourse analysis.
Z 204

The Story of Zero

T. Givón
January 2017. xv, 414 pp.
The zero coding of referents or other clausal constituents is one of the most natural, communicatively and cognitively-transparent grammatical devices in human language. Together with its functional equivalent, obligatory pronominal agreement, zero is both extremely widespread cross-linguistically and highly frequent in natural text. In the domain... read more
Z 214

Syntax: An Introduction to Minimalism

Elly van Gelderen
November 2017. xvi, 159 pp.
Using a concise and clear style, this book highlights insights from current syntactic theory and minimalism.

Task-Based Approaches to Teaching and Assessing Pragmatics

Edited by Naoko Taguchi and YouJin Kim
Expected August 2018. x, 320 pp. + index
This volume is the first book-length attempt to bring together the fields of task-based language teaching (TBLT) and second language pragmatics by exploring how the teaching and assessment of pragmatics can be integrated into TBLT.
LL&LT 49

Usage-inspired L2 Instruction: Researched pedagogy

Edited by Andrea E. Tyler, Lourdes Ortega, Mariko Uno and Hae In Park
February 2018. xvii, 324 pp.
This volume will be invaluable for SLA researchers, graduate students, and classroom teachers interested in exploring usage-inspired L2 pedagogy.